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Most Haunted Places In Florida- For Zacharius

Fort Myers - Fort Myers National Bank / Near Haunted Train Tracks - employee's have reported to have seen a man running in the upstairs main hall. During office hours, he moves things from desks.

Key West - Artist House B&B - The home of Robert Eugene Otto is haunted by two spirits one is a malevolent spirit of Eugene?s doll Robert who was put in the attic by his wife just mainly an evil presence is felt in the attic.? Also Eugene?s wife?s spirit is believed to be trapped in the Turret room where Robert was kept.? The house is now a hotel or B&B.? Robert is displayed at a museum in Key West

Key West - Cemetery behind St. Paul's Church - Haunted by several. First, by the ghost of a man who almost single handedly drove the pirates out of Key West. Very angry spirit. When there is no wind, there is said to be seen whirlwinds through a tree next to his grave. Also, he has attacked several visitors to the cemetery. The Ghost Tour does not bring tours into the cemetery any more because of him. The second haunting is a group of children who died in a fire across a small alleyway from the cemetery. The fire was started by the pastor of the church to kill his wife, who was having an affair with the deacon. He started the fire while a Sunday school class was taking place, killing all in there. If you go into the cemetery and sit quietly in the corner where they are buried, you can faintly hear the sounds of children playing. Smoking in the cemetery upsets the children.
Key West - Monroe County - Fort Zachary Taylor - Is haunted by the spirit (seen by several workers and confirmed during a tour when his relatives were present and showed a picture) of a man named Wendall who died in Civil War days of Yellow Fever. Anomalies have been caught on film.

Key West - Ocean Key House Resort - Third Floor Suite facing Duval Street - Cold spots during the day. At night, sounds of keys and objects moved around on dresser, sound of sighing, and feeling of someone sitting down on the bed while you're in it! Day or night, upon returning to the room, the lights and curtains are never in the condition in which you left them.

Key West - The Hemingway House - Many people have witnessed Ernest Hemingway waving from his studio window. and lights on and sounds of a typewriter being used after the tours are over and the house is unoccupied.

Miami - Deer Run-"Curtis Mansion"- There are reports of lights going on and off, door opening, and sightings of ghosts of visitors, children, and a man.

Miami - Hammocks Middle School - It is said that the auditorium of Hammocks is haunted by 2 ghosts... It is said people have seen 2 shadows around and the curtains opening and closing and flickering lights.

Miami - Hirschfield Theater - footsteps and other unexplained events are common here.

Miami - The Jockey Club - People who work and live there complain about lights turning on and off, hearing footsteps when they know they are alone, hearing voices, doors locking by themselves. On one occasion security was called when people heard a fight going on in the garage. When security got there they could hear the yelling but could not find anyone there and then suddenly the voices stopped. It is not certain how many spirits are there but at times they do make themselves known.

Miami - Miami Beach - Colony Theater - Footsteps and ghost has been seen back stage and other unexplained events.

North Fort Myers - Motel 6 - There are 4 buildings at this Motel 6 property. - reports mainly from staff at the motel, that noises, and the feeling of being watched. Also, footsteps in the puddles of water, strange screeching noises, screams, and moans of agony, a very strange odor of a female's perfume, and temperature changes.

Orlando - Disney World - Pirates of the Caribbean - The spirit of "George" a worker who died there when a beam fell on him during construction still haunts the attraction. At the beginning of the day and at the end of the day attractions workers must come on the PA system and tell George good morning and good night. If not the attraction has been know to shut itself down adding more work before the workers came go home for the night. - March 2004 Addition/ correction - when the ride was being built in the early 70's (it opened Dec. 15, 1973) , George was a welder who clearly, welded different parts of the scenes on the attraction together. One particular area on the ride, called the "burning city", required George to climb up quite high above the ground. George lost his balance, and fell to his death. If you talk to any of the employees at pirates, they will either know of someone who has had an incident with George, or there is a chance they move have had one themselves.

Pine Island - Capt n' Cons - There is a lot of strange occurrences, such as, the dumpster lid slamming up and down, as well as sightings, voices, and loss of breath
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