Fr0w (fr0w) wrote in strange_ftmyers,

the unsolved mysteries of.. the unsolved mysteries.

i didn't really think i'd ever have anything paranormal.. let a lone.. a ghost story.. but, after 25 years i have something to share. .. even though it was not just five minutes ago it's still gives me chills. well, i was in the bathroom and after finishing my number two... i wipe and i get up.. and that's when it happened! i looked into the toilet.. and my poop was gone. i know i felt it coming out.. i even heard .. ))plop((... but under inspection, only the bath tissue remained. where did it go..? i hadn't flushed yet. perhaps there is a small gremlin that lives under the rim.. and grabs it out.. maybe it's those damn scrubbing bubbles... or maybe just maybe there really was no poop.

this is something that will boggle scientists for years to come.
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