Rachel (moopal) wrote in strange_ftmyers,

UFO over US41

I'm Rachel. I love investigating things I can't explain. It challenges me and puts life in perspective. I've had an earful of paranormal experiences. I'll start with one of the weirdest.

Three or four years ago I was driving to Bell Tower, headed South on US41. I passed Page Field and was near Stevie Tomato's when a bright blue light [which I initially believed to be a fireball] soared overhead extremely quickly, headed West, and appeared to crash into a heavily forested area near Pine Manor. Upon what appeared to be it's crash, it exploded into a large fluorescent blue fire which lasted about half a second. The sound of it's impact most closely resembled the sound of several transformers exploding. Immediately after making contact, every single light down US41 in front of me and behind me [street lights, company signs, traffic lights, etc.] went completely out for 3 or 4 seconds. Then they all simultaneously came back on. I wasn't around any other drivers [the road was relatively empty], so I called home, about 1 mile away, to see if my parents had witnessed any of it. They said they hadn't heard or seen a thing. When I made it to Bell Tower and met up with my friends none of them had seen it either. I still have no idea what happened, and have yet to meet someone else who witnessed that event.
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